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Basic assumption:

  1. You have successfully installed iBPM Reporter to your working environment
  2. You are going to try iBPM Reporter in an environment with Metastorm Provision 6.3 and MS Word 2003 ( or higher version) installed.

Procedure to use iBPM Reporter for the very first time

  • Open iBPM_Reporter_First_Use.pvw in your Provision 6.3 (or higher version)
  • Run iBPM Reporter and start a new project
  • Type in Template input field name iBPMR_Guide_T_First_Use
  • Change name of Result to iBPMR_Guide_First_Use_Result
  • Browse for project template file (button … in Template line) and find downloaded iBPMR_Guide_T_First_Use.docx
  • Use Import button (left bottom corner) to start extraction data from model
  • Check ‘Auto open results’ to automatically open generated output
  • Push the Report button and check the result (to update content tables you can try to press Ctrl+A and then F9)

If no strange SW environment combination crossed your way to your first report – CONGRATULATION!

Maybe you could try to make some changes in Organization model, or in workflow of process to see how modifications are reflected in the report. Do not forget to use Import every time you want to make report on modified model!

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