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We have started to explore reporting possibilities of Provision and referred reporting tools. None of those at hand were able to give us a result suitable for our customers. We needed clear output with good navigation within content supported by traditional formatting and styles that our customers are used to. Crystal Reports was not providing us with expected features of work with tables. OXP was not stable and under unpredictable development. And simple publish functionality of Provision was just too simple for us. That’s why!



iBPM Reporter enables to create knowledge reports with model data composed within other well-formatted content. Reporting requests may be fixed or parameterized, so you can use the same reporting template to extract various content according to updated needs. This reporting tool can work as a thick client, but is capable of back-end implementation being exposed via web service. So anyone can compose better services with use of this reporting one.



iBPM Reporter interprets template of report by injection of data extracted from a current model – inserts model pictures and replaces query statements with appropriate data.

ScreenShot_02 Jul. 02 22.47 MJU

Model opened in Provision is used to get an export of model data – pictures and data in xml. iBPM Reporter extracts pictures and data according to query statements found in a given template. Extracted data are injected into new resulting report in docx format.

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